Remote & Batteries

Most used cars today are sold with only one key an no original remote. Today’s actual accepted standard is two master keys and two remotes or two remote head keys.

Apart from the used car dealer issue there are also instances where a keyless entry remote (or key) is damages or lost.

The remote entry system allows the car owner to unlock the door and trunk without using the key.

There are two main components to this convenient option. The electronic control module (ECU/ECM) and a coded button key pad or more commonly a remote transmitter. The latest advanced systems are capable of changing their access code each time the remote is used (Rolling Code)

The convenience of the remote transmitter allows interior lights to illuminate, the drivers door to lock/unlock and the theft security system to arm/disarm.

Today 90% of new cars boast keyless entry as a standard feature. This technology also makes it easier to prevent accidents like locking your keys in your car. When you have a remote, you don’t lock your doors without your keys in your hand.

East Coast Chip Keys is your local source for new and refurbished keyless entry remotes/fobs. We carry a large selectman of OEM replacement remotes and batteries. No remote is ever more than 24 hours away.

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*It is recommended to change your batteries every two years of vehicle ownership